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commonly asked questions

what is the requested attire?

attire will be wedding formal. the majority of events will take place outside. jekyll island historic average temperatures for the dates are between 76 and 60 degrees fahrenheit

will there be provided transportation?

we are considering transportation requirements on an as needed basis. if you have special transportation requests, please reach out to us at

can i park onsite?

yes, jekyll island club provides ample parking around crane cottage and around the main clubhouse

things to do on jekyll island?

jekyll island is a popular vacation getaway with many historic and natural attractions. we encourage guests to explore the small island, visit the beach, walk the trails and experience this unique southern coastal island.

to discover jekyll island activities – visit

places to eat on jekyll island?

jekyll island offers a variety of dining options both within the jekyll island club and surrounding:

see options within the island club and ocean club properties by visiting

for all jekyll island dining options – visit

if you have any other questions, please do not hesititate to reach out to us via email at